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If you’ve landed here, I know you’re looking for help with Facebook and Instagram ads and chatbots. If you’re also looking for a friendly, highly-trained expert who’s passionate about accelerating your business growth, then you’ve clicked on the right link.

Why not do it yourself?

Most of my customers have either run a few ads and not seen the results they expected, or they haven’t known where to start, while some have done campaigns with other agencies and are looking for a fresh approach and more competitive pricing. My work has shown me that anyone can run Facebook ads, but producing a highly-targeted, well-designed creative with impact is a skill – and that’s the expertise I bring.

How it works

After guiding you through a detailed onboarding process, we’ll work together to create ads that truly represent your business. Together we can test and refine what works using the most up-to-date knowledge of the social media landscape. Plus, I constantly monitor and analyse to find what ads are having the best response so I can maximise their potential.

Why me?

My diverse career experience in feature film post-production, social media marketing and content creation gives me the edge when it comes to original video, photography and graphics. I love using my visual storytelling skills to produce innovative designs and boundary-pushing visuals that engage your ideal customers, drive sales and increase revenue. I’m confident we can boost your business as quickly as you can handle.

Faye Morgan



& Instagram Ads

Italian Trulli


Italian Trulli


Build & Design

Italian Trulli

case study

Subscription box co.

dramatic customer growth fuelled by ads

Claire approached me towards the end of 2018 looking to scale her business and reach more customers. I was keen to show how Facebook & Instagram could deliver her plants to more homes and I not only increased her revenue but also increased the LTV (Life Time Value) of her customers…

“Faye has run Facebook ads for my business for nearly six months now. In the past six months, we’ve seen on average a 60% revenue growth, and 40% subscriber growth month-on-month. “
Claire, Lazy Flora


case study

R6 Stone

Increasing Leads

Rebecca & Reli have 20 year’s experience in the stone industry and set up R6 Stone together in 2020 creating a family business. 

R6 Stone already had a good word-of-mouth reputation and had some success at local people finding them organically through Facebook. They hired me to help them increase their brand awareness and generate leads using ads.

“We knew we needed to reach a big audience online and needed the best ads to get the awareness – as well as being placed in the right places. I was looking for a superstar to manage and create our ads and I could tell Faye was the right person for the job from the moment I saw her tutorial videos on Facebook. “

Rebecca, R6 Stone


Faye has run Facebook ads for my business for nearly six months now. In the past six months, we’ve seen on average a 60% revenue growth, and 40% subscriber growth month-on-month. Aside from the obvious numerical successes, Faye is a pleasure to work with. She’s kind, calm and respectful. Her communication is great and the weekly reports she produces are easy to understand. She works hard on my ad account, and I know she cares about the success of my business. She’s exactly the kind of person I want to be working with.


Lazy flora

I worked with Faye to help increase my message open rates during a launch. I was thrilled with the results: 90% of people who engaged with the bot for Messenger downloaded the opt-in and I had a 75% open rate for webinar registration campaign - epic results!!

Thanks so much for all your hard work, Faye!!


Marielle Legair

Personal Brand & Publicity Strategist

We worked with Faye on a specific campaign for one of our clients in order to have a specialist who could do some real in-depth “test and measure” work on their ad campaign. Faye was exceptionally thorough and detailed in the work she did for us, and really ensured the budget was used in the most effective way so that we got lots of data and results for the money we were spending on the campaign. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Faye to any business (large or small) who may be looking to bring in an expert to advise them on their FB ads.

Abbots care & training

Faye worked tirelessly to test and tweak the different ads to find which had the best response and to find the right target audience for my retro-style step stools. The ads massively increased traffic to my website, and interest and engagement with my product. “Faye was very patient in explaining how Facebook advertising works and the different terms used, so I understood the aims and results of the various ads. She had great ideas for the visuals for the ads, and they looked lovely. I would have no hesitation in recommending Faye for Facebook & Instagram advertising.

giggy & bab

Faye jumped on board last minute to help us promote the festival. I appreciated her enthusiasm and down to life approach as she described all the possible outcomes. She also has a rare combination of creativity and a diligence approach. I would definitely recommend Faye to work on your social media campaigns.


Faye helped me get more out of my Facebook and Instagram ads, understanding how to reach a targeted audience and I saw results straight away. Very friendly and efficient training which helped set me up for more successful future advertising.



My training sessions with Faye covering Facebook ads was amazing!  I learned so many things that I had no idea existed on Ads. In the beginning of the session Faye asked me what was most important for me and she made sure we covered everything that I wanted to. We spoke about who my target audience should be, how to test what the best ad for me is and so much more!  Faye was so nice and I had the best experience with her and this session. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to grow a following or a business.



We enlisted the help of Faye for our first exploration into how FB ads would help boost sign-ups to our membership site and we are so glad we did! Faye understood our needs perfectly, was super supportive, efficient and for a small outlay achieved 5 TIMES the numbers we had hoped for. Professional, communicative and a lovely person to work with too. Thanks Faye!


Lesley & Ingrid

Declutter Hub

Working with Faye has been so enjoyable.

She has a superb understanding of paid ads & social media and is incredibly proactive in getting results. Plus her weekly reporting back to me has been invaluable.




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