Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist

365DaySocial was founded by me, Faye Morgan, to provide businesses with targeted Facebook & Instagram ad strategies. Running ads and creating original video, photography and graphics. I can also help with your overall social media strategy and provide training in ads or social media.

My background is in film post-production (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rogue One, Paddington, The Danish Girl) supervising digital workflows through camera dailies, grading, editing, sound editing, sound mixing, music, VFX and delivery of assets to studios, broadcasters and independent film companies.


If you’re looking for:

>>Facebook/Instagram ad strategy

>>Running ad campaigns

>>Creative content for ads or social media channels

>>1:1 training in Facebook/Instagram ads or social media management

>>Full social media management services

I can tailor packages to meet your goals.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my services, get in touch.

Faye x





Strategy for Facebook/Instagram ads

 Ad campaign management

Building ad funnels

Produce unique ad creatives: video, graphics, photography

Lifestyle & Product Photography

Filming video in 4K


Motion Graphics


Music & sound editing

Social media strategy

Brand awareness, increase engagement & drive traffic

Facebook ads or social media management training

Analytics – reports & insights

“Faye helped me get more out of my Facebook and Instagram ads, understanding how to reach a targeted audience and I saw results straight away. Very friendly and efficient hour which helped set me up for more successful future advertising.”

“My one on one session with Faye covering Facebook ads was amazing!  I learned so many things that I had no idea existed on Ads.  In the beginning of the session Faye asked me what was most important for me and she made sure we covered everything that I wanted to.  We spoke about who my target audience should be, how to test what the best ad for me is and so much more!  Faye was so nice and I had the best experience with her and this session.  I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to grow a following or a business.”

“Faye worked tirelessly to test and tweak the different ads to find which had the best response and to find the right target audience for my retro-style step stools. The ads massively increased traffic to my website, and interest and engagement with my product. I would have no hesitation in recommending Faye for Facebook & Instagram advertising.”

“We worked with Faye on a specific campaign for one of our clients in order to have a specialist who could do some real in-depth “test and measure” work on their ad campaign. Faye was exceptionally thorough and detailed in the work she did for us, and really ensured the budget was used in the most effective way so that we got lots of data and results for the money we were spending on the campaign. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Faye to any business (large or small) who may be looking to bring in an expert to advise them on their FB ads.”

“Faye jumped on board last minute to help us promote the festival. I appreciated her enthusiasm and down to life approach as she described all the possible outcomes. She also has a rare combination of creativity and a diligence approach. I would definitely recommend Faye to work on your social media campaigns.”


free resources

Here are some FREE guides to

nail your user personas &

set up Business Manager

to help you get started with ads that produce results!

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