Why you should run Facebook and Instagram ads in 2020

Social media is an ever-changing landscape, with all the big sites constantly improving and introducing new features to keep their audiences engaged and online. But amid this, the one constant is the huge numbers of people using it daily.

Facebook has over 2.2bn global users and Instagram over 1bn. The younger you are, the more likely you are to use social (around 88% of 18-29 year olds) but audiences of every age are reachable this way.

With more flexibility than a traditional website, being on social media allows companies to engage directly with their customers and showcase their products easily and effectively with high-quality images and videos. Plus it’s a really easy way to research and observe any competitors and keep up to date with trends and new products.

If your company doesn’t have a big online presence or you are creating great content but just not reaching a huge audience organically, using ads is a great way to improve your reach and boost awareness of your brand.


What can ads help with?

When advertising, most brands will have a broad objective. It might be to tell people about your services or to advertise your event, webinar or course. Or it could be to increase traffic to your website generating sales or to build your mailing list.

You can drive people into online stores by creating offers shown in ads.

If you have a physical shop then you can measure how your ads have helped generate purchases in an actual store using offline conversions. You can monitor your offline sales and tie them to your online ads to see your return on investment.


Why Facebook Ads

How does it work?

The beauty of Facebook and Instagram ads is that they can do so much behind the scenes work that benefit your business. Unlike traditional mailshots and print ads, which show your message to a huge audience, with Facebook and Instagram ads, you can get straight to the people you know will be interested in your company with targeting.

You can show your ads to an audience with specific interests such as magazines your potential customers may read or where they are likely to shop. Plus you can create an audience of ‘lookalikes’ (people of the same demographic and with the same interests as your existing customers).

Not only can you send traffic to your website to buy a product or sign up to an email list, but you can also retarget those people when you have the Facebook Pixel correctly installed on your website. Or drive traffic to a blog to generate awareness of a brand, then retarget those people with an offer.

You can find out about your audience, who is clicking on the ads, who is buying or signing up, how much are they watching of a video. Are they male or female, 18 or 65, in London or LA, on desktop or mobile, on Facebook or Instagram, do they prefer Stories or your feed?

Using this data – plus techniques such as split-testing your ads to see very quickly which creatives, copy and targeting are working the best – it’s easy to give your audience exactly what they want to see and to optimise your ads based on your results, tweaking the demographic if appropriate.

When you find out what is working you can scale your ad spend appropriately. And if the ads aren’t working, you can switch them off straight away. You haven’t been left with 100s of printed leaflets and wasted money.


Instagram Ads

How do I get started?

Social media makes it simple to advertise like the big brands – if you know how. That’s where a Facebook and Instagram Ad Strategist comes in. As well as helping you create eye-catching and engaging ads, a strategist can target your messages effectively, create funnels to drive your audience to where you want them to look and help you scale your ads without upsetting the algorithms.

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