Should I have a business account or a creator account for Instagram – and what’s the difference?

This is a question I get asked a lot in my business, so I thought it was time for a blog on it. Only you can really answer which one is right for you but here’s the lowdown on each to help you decide… business v creator account.

If you’re running a business or you’re an influencer (or you aspire to either) you need more than a personal account on Instagram. But I expect you know that by now! Moving to Business means you can use scheduling tools to plan in your content, you get analytics so you can assess who your audience is and what content they respond to, and you can run ads from your account.

Who is the Creator account for?

Launched in mid-2019, Creator is aimed at, well, creators. Aimed at influencers (or those aspiring to that) and personal brands, it’s for people looking to build community, get brand partnerships and share content within a specific industry. Content creators are a value commodity to the platform and this kind of account was designed to offer some extra insights to help them grow their brand.

Is Creator worth the switch?

There’s not much difference in the two accounts right now.
Quite a lot of people I speak to are worried that they will lose their insights, but, in my experience, there was no data loss. Everything seemed much the same. The action buttons look the same as Business as do the analytics.

Messaging used to be more organised on Creator but the Primary, General and Requests inboxes have now been rolled out to biz accounts too. Creator Studio is now open to all (although FB Business Suite is already nipping at its heels). The call to action buttons also seem identical, whereas businesses used to have more options for CTAs.

You can have the shopping function on Creator accounts now too, allowing creators and influencers to build a revenue stream outside of brand collabs/ads/#spon. All you need is one eligible product and you can use shopping tags to drive traffic to your website. Of course it’s still beholden to the algorithm so it’s unlikely to be a way to totally circumvent the need for running your own paid ads but it adds another dimension to Creators and narrows the gap with businesses.

So far, so similar. But there are two big differences that are crucial.


Many businesses don’t have the music function for Reels, which is a big source of frustration. There are workarounds with external apps, as I found out when creating my recent Reels challenge, but I’m very sure many businesses – especially the more personal, bloggers, coaches etc – will move over to Creator accounts just for this function.

I experimented with this, moving to Creator. Music appeared within a few days. I switched back to Business and it disappeared several days later.


At this point in time you still can’t use third party schedulers on Creator accounts. You can schedule natively, but if you’re a fan of looking in the longer term with your grid, this could be a sticking point. A tool like Later or even the new scheduling function in Canva can be a really important part of your grid curation but being a Creator takes away the option to auto-post and therefore schedule your content in a way that takes a load off your mind. To have to be always on alert to post is a pretty big downside. Unless you use Facebook’s Creator Studio to schedule to Instagram & Facebook instead. I can still do this with a Creator account.

Ultimately it’s what works for you, your goals, your strategy and what your priorities are. It will be interesting to see what happens with music on Reels and scheduling and also what new features will be rolled out to either bring these accounts together or make a clearer definition between them.

I’d love to know your experiences of using these accounts. Drop me an email (fayemorgan@365daysocial.com) or leave me a comment below.

Book now

Another difference worth mentioning as Creator has limited options to add a BOOK NOW button. For example, my calendar of choice, Acuity, isn’t available. One option here is to switch calendars but that isn’t always a simple task.

Business account

Creator v Business

Creator account


Double-checking insights, there appears to be no difference in how they are laid out between the two different types of accounts. The stats seem to all be there! Good news if that was something you were concerned about.

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