Case Study

Subscription box co. dramatic customer growth fuelled by ads

Claire started Lazy Flora, a plant subscription company, after realising the gorgeous greenery she craved for her balcony wasn’t easy. Without a car, getting to and from a garden centre was a challenge. Once there, often the selection of plants was poor (big superstores), or they were supremely expensive (smaller boutique stores). 

There had to be a way to make this easier for so many people. Claire sketched out what her ideal garden delivery service would look like, and in February 2017, Lazy Flora was born. 

Claire approached me towards the end of 2018 looking to scale her business, reach more customers and I, having a love for all things floral, was keen to show how Facebook & Instagram could deliver her plants to more homes. 

**** Spoiler Alert ****

“Faye has run Facebook ads for my business for nearly six months now. In the past six months, we’ve seen on average a 60% revenue growth, and 40% subscriber growth month-on-month. “

Claire, Lazy Flora

3 Ad Examples


How did 365 Day Social increase achieve this growth with Facebook & Instagram Ads?

The first thing I needed to do was an audit of the existing ad account which had been handled previously by an agency, examining the funnels, creatives, copy and the customer journey. Taking note of weak areas to help formulate a strategy to both optimise quickly and for longer-term testing and implementation.

We saw results during the first month, cutting down the customer acquisition costs. By month 3, after testing different adsets, objectives and including more inventive and sometimes more personal creatives, the revenue growth rocketed month-on-month. Not only that, but as a subscription box company, lifetime value of a customer has increased by a substantial amount. 

Using Instagram ads to boost revenue

It was clear pretty quickly when originally auditing the ad account that Instagram had been ignored as a platform for the acquisition of customers. This was surprising considering the nature of the product – plants! Rectifying this and producing creatives specifically for the feed and Stories, brought low CPM figures which meant more people seeing the ads for the budget, this coupled with careful audience research to improve targeting added to the increase in monthly revenue. 

“Aside from the obvious numerical successes, Faye is a pleasure to work with. She’s kind, calm and respectful. Her communication is great and the weekly reports she produces are easy to understand. She works hard on my ad account, and I know she cares about the success of my business. She’s exactly the kind of person I want to be working with.”

Claire, Lazy Flora 


Lazy Flora offer outdoor and indoor plants, delivered to your door, fresh, seasonal and beautiful. Try the service for yourself here >>> www.lazyflora.com  say Faye sent you and enjoy! 

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