Case Study – Increasing Leads


Rebecca & Reli have 20 year’s experience in the stone industry and set up R6 Stone together in 2020 creating a family business. 

R6 Stone already had a good word-of-mouth reputation and had some success at local people finding them organically through Facebook. They hired me to help them increase their brand awareness and generate leads using ads.

“We knew we needed to reach a big audience online and needed the best ads to get the awareness – as well as being placed in the right places. I was looking for a superstar to manage and create our ads and I could tell Faye was the right person for the job from the moment I saw her tutorial videos on Facebook. “

Rebecca, R6 Stone


How did 365 Day Social increase achieve 10x more sales leads from Facebook & Instagram Ads compared to the previous 6 months?

Knowing Facebook ads could drive more leads for their business, I turned to testing Messenger ads right from the outset as I had experienced some success with other businesses this way. 

To make sure I generated leads that were most likely to convert into sales, I targeted specific areas of the UK. I also retargeted ads to people who visited their website, since this indicated they might be interested in learning more. Those who clicked on the ad were automatically led into a message-led automation, notifying R6 Stone who could then continue the conversation and follow up with a quote.

Based on past experience with these types of ads, we knew what ad creatives would be appealing to this target audience, testing carousel & videos for the feed and for Stories. 


The ultimate success: driving more leads than ever before

This was a really successful campaign for R6 – they were thrilled with the number of leads generated for them. The Messenger method seemed to really suit their business and audience and lead to them creating lots of new quotes. Then Facebook changed. No longer able to run Messenger Ads (it’s likely this will change as the UK are no longer in Europe). Adapting quickly to running Lead Ads – the format of ads that stay on Facebook. With engaging copy and new videos also proved to be a winning combination for R6 Stone in generating even lower cost quality leads.

“Faye is creative, knowledgeable, fun and confident. I had complete trust in her from the off. She’s incredibly passionate about her work and her creatives are so much fun! I highly recommend Faye to anyone who wishes to progress their business.”

Rebecca, R6 Stone


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