Due to popular demand, here are some hashtag suggestions for you to use on Instagram during the month of December. I’m really please you’re finding these monthly hashtags useful.
For those of you wondering what these are for – I love exploring accounts to try and find interesting hashtags to browse, admire, inspire and then use myself to help get my posts noticed. ?

I thought I’d share my findings to help others.

These lists are created adding one or two hashtags that are extremely popular. Most shown will be more innovative hashtags to allow you far more chance of appearing in the ‘TOP’ section for that hashtag for longer.
The numbers by the side show how many accounts have used that hashtag. The most popular on this list is at the top working your way down to the least used hashtag.

Remember, you’re more likely to be seen using the less popular hashtags on Instagram, but it’s worth mixing them with a couple of really popular ones too.
Don’t forget to give them a try in stories. They’ve worked particularly well for me on stories this past month.
Please do share far and wide to help others get #seenonsocial