February is here and so is my regular monthly Hashtag blog! I’m predicting a whole lotta love this month on the grid. We have Cupid’s arrow working its magic on the 14th, but we also have Random Acts of Kindness day on the 17th and Love Your Pet day on the 20th!


Creating a post like my monthly hashtags has brought more awareness about not only how to use hashtags, but also more awareness of my business and the services I provide. In fact there’s a reason why lists are so popular on Social Media…


Hashtags to use in February on Instagram

My recommended February Instagram Hashtags


In short, we’re busy people. Multitasking humans, flitting between emails, notifications, apps, platforms and forums. Therefore we like our content fast, snappy and easy to digest with a quick glance. The epitome of this kind of content is the digital media company Buzzfeed. 


Often Buzzfeed delivers its news and entertainment in the form of lists, quizzes, memes and short, sharp articles. This is a prime example of a change in journalism from long-reads to Listicles.


Woman busy multitasking on phone and laptop

We like content to be fast, snappy and easy to digest


Similarly, if we recreate this format for our social platforms it’s a sure-fire way to get social shares. It’s a chance for people to download a lot of knowledge easily. Giving your audience multiple points/facts/tips is value-added content at its best. This is why my monthly hashtag lists have become so popular.


If you haven’t ever created a post containing a list, give it a try! Let me know how you get on. Think about step-by-step guides, top tips, favourite industry resources, facts about your business, a list of what services you provide or what uses your product has. There are so many possibilities when it comes to Listicles – get that creative energy flowing!



Be Kind Poster



Finally, as I sign off – just a small request to please find time to share the #BeKindToOthers hashtag this month. Enjoy using my recommended February Instagram Hashtags, and let me know how you get on. 


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