It was recently reported that if you minimise hashtags in your Stories so they can’t be seen, then they are unlikely to get picked up to appear in that hashtag’s Story. I’ve been testing this recently using some tried and tested hashtags. Some of my minimised ones are still being used in that hashtags Story, however, the ones that are readable and not minimised are being picked up more often. Could be a coincidence and one week is not long enough to test. 

I’d REALLY love to know what you are seeing right now with hashtags in Stories and have complied a quick questionnaire. Please find 2 mins to fill this in and I’ll share all the results first with those who have filled it in. Click here for the questionnaire.

Instagram Hashtags

Don’t forget to test out the new November hashtags above ☝️it’s time to embrace the change in seasons. I got totally lost in some of these which have inspired the nighttime/space feel of my Instagram grid of late. 

If you missed the hashtags from previous months, go check them out here >>

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