It’s the first year Birthday of my monthly hashtags ?Little did I know how much these would help business owners.

It started because every month I searched for interesting hashtags to help my own business become more visible on Social. I decided to share my findings to help others as I could see people were using the same old hashtags, or ones that had millions of posts.

This month I thought it appropriate to share more community enhancing hashtags. Community is such a big part of being on Social Media and we should share our knowledge, give value and help others.

I’ve thrown in a few spooky hashtags too ??

October 2019 Hashtags

For those new to these monthly hashtags, I include one or two hashtags that are extremely popular. Most shown are more innovative hashtags to allow you far more chance of appearing in the ‘TOP’ section for that hashtag for longer.

The numbers to the side of the hashtags show how many accounts have used that hashtag. The most popular on this list is at the top working your way down to the least used hashtag.

Remember, you’re more likely to be seen using the less popular hashtags on Instagram, but still use one or two big ones, just in case!

Please feel free to share far and wide on your social channels for others to benefit from too!

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