There really is only one hashtag I’d like to share this month and it’s #Stayhome.

I’m based in London and whilst most are sticking to the rules I’ve seen teenagers jumping over fences to access playparks, locks cut through tennis courts gates (the actual nets have now been removed),

Even worst…
A couple arguing in the street yesterday. The man jumps in his car whilst his partner is shouting “you can’t leave you’ll infect everyone, you need to be in isolation for 7 days”. He replied by saying he will be back tomorrow!

So we need to #StayHome, not just to stop the spread in case we have it, but to keep away from the stupidity of many still going outside when they shouldn’t.

The one thing we need to share right now is these hashtags ⬆️ and continually remind others that we all need to #StayHomeSaveLives

There is a 30% uplift on people on social media and we are the ones that can use it to remind others. If there is one thing in April we need to all need to do is remind/tell others to #StayTheFHome

My latest recommendations on using hashtags are to use 1 or 2 in the millions, one or two around the 250k mark, but then most should be 100k and under. This will give you the best chance to appear on the Explore page and stay on that hashtag’s gallery for longer.

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Safe safe

Faye x