You don’t have to have a huge email list to create a successful launch – but you do need at least a small one. One of the best things I did in my business was create an email list. It’s enabled me to talk directly to my warmest leads, make sales I may have otherwise missed and scale my business quickly.

When it comes to putting off launching something, it’s easy to hide behind either not having a list or not having a large one. Numbers aren’t everything. It IS possible to launch to a small list. Here are my tips on why you need to create an email list and how you can do a successful launch, even without big numbers.

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  1. Email lists help you find those people that are interested in your services.

Your list is like your inner circle. It’s your place to speak and sell directly to your customers without algorithms and lots of different social posts potentially obscuring your content. Yes, you may have to deal with landing into a busy inbox, but with some smart copywriting, you can get people to open your email more easily than you can beat the algorithm.

How do you create an email list? Lead magnets.

If you’re unfamiliar with this term, a lead magnet is a freebie aligned with what you offer. People download it in exchange for their email address and you know for sure that they are interested in your services. You can have several on offer (which can help you segment your audiences nicely) or just have one that you change every few weeks/months.

They work for any business. Simply think about what information you can give away that gives people a taste of your business and what you offer.

It might be – 20 things to do with kids on a rainy day or 10 key design points to consider when planning a new kitchen. I offer free grid templates for Instagram and a Live streaming guide on social as my lead magnets.

As a social media expert, I can offer different freebies so I know who is interested in what part of social media. I can have a download related to Instagram, one for ads, one for designing posts, one aimed at Social Media Managers upskilling, another for small business owners… The possibilities are vast.


  1. A list will help you reach a targeted audience

I train others in using social media for business, and much as I believe in the power of brilliant organic content, I know that not everyone sees these posts unless you use ads. The beauty of an email list is that you can reach a targeted audience (which is what you’d be doing with ads).

To be able to speak to a cohort of people that you know for sure are your ideal audience and potential customers is so powerful. And the best bit is it’s FREE! Unless you’re using a paid-for email service, but that’s such a minimal cost compared to ads PLUS you are building something you can keep and reuse over and over.


  1. An email list is all yours

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn… yes, they are brilliant social tools and have helped us all develop the thriving small business economy we know today, reaching your ideal audiences and enabling us all to build wonderful communities BUT what if these platforms shut down tomorrow?

We don’t know what Mark Zuckerberg is going to do with Facebook. It’s unlikely to go anywhere any time soon but the point is, you don’t own your community on there. If your account was hacked tomorrow or all the data was lost, who are your followers? How do you reach them? Your business could vanish overnight if that’s the only place you operate from. An email list is yours. No one can take that away.


  1. Create a more personal touch with emails

As well as addressing people by their name, which immediately creates more of a connection than a generic post or ad, there’s SO much you can do with emails these days. You can segment your audiences, depending what are of your business they are interested in, or how long they have subscribed to your emails, allowing you to send specific messages to those audiences.

This makes it personal and powerful. Only sending the messages people want to read should mean you get a better open and click through rate and therefore increases your potential to sell to them. I know if a company sends me lots of irrelevant messages, I either stop opening their emails or unsubscribe to reduce the noise. When you create an email list, remember to personalised your email.


  1. Treat your list like your closest friends and they’ll have your back

Nurturing your list is really important for your business and for your subscribers. Your emails are your way to talk directly to your customers, so use it! Talk to them directly, tell them what’s going on with you and ask about them. Ask what they are thinking about, what’s happening in their lives, encourage interaction, ask what they need. Not only does this help you to create products they want to buy, it gives them a sense of building your business alongside you. They are invested and loyal. You really are in it together.


  1. You can sell with a small list.

How many courses or products would you like to sell? As with social, if you have a really invested audience base, even if it’s small, you are more likely to make sales than with a big but largely unengaged following. Quality over quantity. The most important thing is that you are consistent in emailing your list with relevant and aligned content.

Even if you have a large list but a small subset of people interested in something more niche, you can launch just to that subset. Telling 100 people about something that 30 of them might then buy, has the makings of a really successful launch.

I hope that’s changed your thinking a little about lists and how they can work for you. Are you ready to create an email list and create some magic?

I offer a mini-course in my membership teaching how to build your list with lessons on what to do and using ads to speed up the process – visit www.365daysocial.com/training