Consumers love video! Just look at the success of Instagram Stories, and with video ads and IGTV (finally) starting to gain popularity, every brand should be building video into its strategy. Live video, in particular, is expected to grow 15-fold by 2022 and reach a 17% share of all internet traffic. But how do you run a successful Instagram Live? 

Watch this video explaining my top 7 tips for creating engaging Instagram Lives ⬇️


Of course, there are lots of different ways to do video – it’s not exclusively for the more visual businesses and products – but if you really want to create a stronger brand loyalty, going Live and showing your face is a must. Not least because Instagram will place your Live at the head of your followers’ feeds. 

Before you break out into a cold sweat at the thought of putting yourself out there in the most public way, let me just say that the more you do it, the easier it gets. It’s a boost for your authenticity and presents a unique opportunity for your brand to stand out by prompting interactions that may well help drive sales.

So, once you’ve found your brave streak, how do you create engaging lives. Here are my 7 top tips: 

  1. Researching what content to create can also help you promote your lives. Which will help bring more people to your Lives, which will help you create a more engaging Live. Confused?! Start by creating an Instagram Story asking your audience what they are struggling with around your niche. Maybe you need to give them a few options to make it easier from them, but test both ways. Record a short video asking them? This can also be done on your feed posts too. It will give you ideas on content to create that people want to see as well help sow the seeds that you will be going Live soon about that subject. For more information on what content works for an Instagram Live, download my Ultimate Live Streaming Starter guide – the link is underneath this video.  
  2. Decide upon a date and time for your Live. Then you can promote it earlier on that week and encourage people there. The more people you can reach the more chance you have of getting on to the holy grail of Insta: the Explore page. With that in mind, it’s worth doing some promotion to get as many viewers as possible. Post about it on your grid and other social channels, and in the days leading up to it do some Stories with teasers about content. Don’t forget the all-important info about date and time and utilize the countdown sticker in Instagram Stories to help you here. Don’t forget to promote to your email list and if you have one a messenger bot. An instant alert can work wonders in getting people to your Live right away.
  3. Don’t start your Live checking to see if you are Live and if anyone can hear. Think about the people watching the replay and also when you repurpose your Lives. If you follow my tips on repurposing your Instagram Lives then you’ll soon be sharing it to your feed and it won’t stop the scroll if you start with ‘err hello, can anyone here me?’
  4. The other thing you want to do, to boost reach and to help that relationship with your audience, is to generate engagement on the actual Live. Lives are the perfect way to talk directly with customers, which is powerful for both parties. One obvious way to do this is by making some of your Lives into Q&A opportunities. Whatever you are filming it’s good to invite feedback and ask questions during the broadcast. The very format of a Live should facilitate organic replies but don’t shy away from asking for a direct answer to a point you are making
  5. Create a more visual presentation on your live and use slides – yes this can be done on Instagram too. Check out this video for step by step details on how to do it. 
  6. Remember to include a Call to Action at the end. Do you have a lead magnet, would you like to encourage people to follow you. Ask them and ask them to comment if they’d like you to send them a direct link to your webinar or free Facebook group. More comments, more engagement and hopefully on your email list too!  My extra tip is to cut and paste a URL link ready to add to the comments of your Instagram live – you can then pin this to the comments. So anyone joining the live later, will see it.
  7. Repurpose your Lives to create even more engagement. Share your Instagram Live direct to IGTV – yes you can do this now to save you time. Then share a teaser to your feed and also to your Stories. It’s so simple to do now. 1 live – 3 places to share it in a matter of seconds. 

Going Live on Instagram will save you time on creating content for your social and if you follow these tips your audience will engaged and build up in a very short period of time.  

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