Not everyone turns up for your Instagram Lives right at the start. If you pin a title on your Live people will know exactly what you are discussing and are more likely to stay if it interests them. Even better is to pin a URL for where you’d like them to go, maybe your website, a lead magnet, a free webinar perhaps. 

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Before I go Live I make sure that I cut and paste the link that I want to use ready. This will make sure that I can paste the link more quickly than literally typing it out, which you could do but, I’m not sure my brain copes with typing and talking at the same time!

Once I’ve gone Live you paste your URL into the comments at a good time when you are talking about it. Make sure to mention that you are putting the link to your awesome lead magnet in the Live. Then you need to select the link in comments and this brings up the option to Pin. And that is it!  To remove the pin click unpin but I find that keeping the pin on there gives people who are late to Live the opportunity to see what you are either talking out or the URL for where you want to send them too. 

Using Pins is a brilliant way to help start turning your followers into clients and customers. There aren’t many places you can add a URL on Instagram: your bio, on your IGTV videos, if you have more than 10k followers and have the swipe up feature or if you are running paid ads. 

This is another way that works brilliantly because you are Live and your audience are already engaging with you on the Live. Give it a try and let me know how you get on in the comments below. 

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