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Grow an engaging Instagram account quickly whilst increasing traffic, leads and sales for your business– in 40 days

(without wasting time, feeling overwhelmed and unrewarded)

  • angle-rightIf you’re selling products, services or courses online and looking to grow your business quickly and generate sales then you probably already know that you need to be using Instagram.
  • angle-rightYou’ve heard that Instagram is the fastest growing platform with more than 1 billion monthly users (Jan 2019). 
  • angle-rightIt’s also the platform with one of the most, if not the most highly engaged audiences out of all the social media platforms out there.

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Hi, I’m Faye. I’m an Instagram & Facebook Ad Strategist 

with a passion for the ‘gram.

 I’ve worked with businesses as a Social Media Manager. Prior to that I worked as a Post Production Supervisor on films such as 

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ & ‘The Theory of Everything’.  

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This course can help you:

?Get noticed by new people who see your content and convert them to followers.

?Generate meaningful content & copy of value that makes your audience want to engage.

?Produce creative and brave content in a variety of formats quickly (including video & lives) 

?Raise your profile through authenticity and adding value.

?Boost your income by converting your audience into sales and leads.

Perhaps you made the commitment to start an account on Instagram but didn’t know where to begin with creating content. Maybe you have downloaded some apps to help you create content, but it took longer than you thought and gained only a few likes for your efforts. 

Creating your content and trying to generate engagement with the right people can

suck all your time and drain your resources. 

Even if you are only just starting out on Instagram or rejuvenating an unloved account, you can

fast forward your growth on Instagram and generate more income.

Why some Insta accounts don’t grow quickly

Setting up an account on Instagram and posting photos isn’t complicated, but there are so many ways you can spend your time on Insta and not see any results.


?What and when should I post on my feed and in Stories?

?How do I increase engagement?

?How can I not lose hours in my day to Instagram?

?How can I then turn my followers into customers?

These are just some of the questions you’ll have answered along the way.  


You’ll find out what to do each week to leverage all the opportunities to 

generate income from Instagram.



Even though Instagram is growing quickly, many accounts lose momentum and fizzle out. If you can avoid the time wasting mistakes many people make, you are able to stand out and turn your followers into profit.


And I would love to show you how this is achievable for businesses.


Insta with Impact

A step by step process to set-up and fast forward your growth on Instagram to create opportunities, income and business growth.

Instagram course for business

  • 1

    Module 1: Setting up the right way

    Deciding that you want to use Instagram to grow your business, we’ll dive straight into what makes a great account and why do they succeed. How are they targeting their audience to be noticed amongst the rising number of accounts.

    We’ll identify who you are targeting, set up your account and develop a profile that focuses on getting your audience to take notice. You will feel confident that when someone lands on your profile they will be interested enough to find out more about you leading them to get make a connection.


    The rise of Instagram and how it’s become so popular

    Discovering your target audience and where they are hiding

    Business v Personal feed and how to make the switch

    How to develop a bio that gets found, stands out and informs

    Facilitating calls to action using the features on offer


  • 2

    Module 2: The Feed

    The feed is still a very important part of your Instagram account. Knowing what to post, when and how will form the backbone of your account. 

    Exploring the options of styles, formats and filters will give you the upper edge amongst many other similar accounts on Instagram.

    You can stand out still on Instagram and I will show you the options available to you and breakdown what is more successful and why.  


    Layout options to create a grid that looks consistent and gets noticed

    What format options are available and when they work best

    How to plan your posts in the most time efficient way

    What to post to gain interest from current and potentially new followers 

    Which apps to use to enhance your photography

    Which apps to use to produce creative video content and saves you time


  • 3

    Module 3: Copy

    Instagram started off as a place to share photos, then the opportunity to add copy was introduced to enhance or provide context to the images.

    This module is where we’ll explore how copy is used on Instagram to generate interest and engagement.



    Long v short copy

    How to drive engagement

    Using collections to facilitate who to engage with including key influencers

    When, why & how you should tag others

    Hashtag strategy to inspire, engage and encourage community

    DM to success


  • 4

    Module 4: Instagram Stories

    Stories have become an important part of any Instagram strategy for very good reason. There are certain features that should always be used to generate fast growth, which need not take much time to implement. Looking at how to create a story worth watching & engaging with is our focus for this module.


    The rise of Instagram Stories and why they’ve become so popular

    How to make Stories that your audience want to see

    Which features to use

    How to drive engagement

    Using hashtags to be discovered

    The importance of using story highlights

    Being confident with Lives

    Why IGTV is underused

    All about the DMs


  • 5Module 5: Metrics & Insights

    Reflecting on your efforts using the right tools and looking at the right metrics to improve your results, is important on any social platform. This module will show you what metrics to take notice of, how to record them and how to improve them. Giving you the maximum opportunity to grow your account fast. 


    Which metrics should you take notice off

    Recording and comparing results

    How to implement what you discover

    Software outside of Instagram to gain further data to inform your future decisions


  • 6

    Module 6: In-App Instagram Ads

    Instagram have very recently implemented features to enable those unfamiliar with Ads Manager to have success with paid ads. Using paid ads to boost your organic growth really can drive traffic, leads & sales very quickly. Here is where I give you secrets as an Instagram and FB Ads Strategist in using Instagram ads which get results quickly both on the feed and in Stories in-app.


    The anatomy of a high performing ad

    Copy that converts

    Tools to produce your creatives

    Audience targeting

    Ad Strategy


Alexis Testimonial

“I learned so many things I didn’t know existed. Faye was so nice and I had the best experience. I would highly recommend Faye’s training to anyone trying to grow a following or a business.”


“Faye helped me get more out of my Instagram, understanding how to reach an audience and I saw results straight away.


Instagram course for business

Insta with Impact

Insta with Impact is one of the most comprehensive and fully up to date courses specifically for entrepreneurs on Instagram.


If you don’t feel like you are well on your way to growing your ‘gram while feeling so much more confident in your ability to create content, engage and generate business opportunities on Instagram, just let me know within 14 days at fayemorgan@365daysocial.com. But you’ll miss out on the opportunity to stay connected with the supportive, motivating and knowledgeable community we are building to help one another.

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“I appreciated Faye’s enthusiasm and down to life approach. She also has a rare combination of creativity and diligence. I would definitely recommend Faye’s training.


“I got in touch with Faye as I felt I needed a better understanding of Ads. I’m so glad I did! Faye clearly broke down each of the steps required for producing successful ads and I’m now feeling confident that I can deliver great results for my client. I’d recommend Faye without hesitation and will be looking to her for expert advice on Instagram Ads soon.

Social Media Manager

Instagram Ads

Faye Morgan

About me

I’m a Facebook & Instagram Ads Strategist with a passion for Instagram. I’ve managed Instagram accounts as a Social Media Manager on behalf of clients.

Prior to working in social media I work as a Post Production Supervisor on films such as Rogue One, The Last Jedi & The Theory of Everything.

Here’s what you are getting when you sign up for the early-bird offer today…

  • Instagram Influence 6 week course to begin on 16th September 2019
  • Exclusive Facebook community group for course members
  • Q&A l​ive with me each week plus guest experts!
  • Lifetime access

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Frequently Asked Questions


I know I need to be on Instagram, but I don’t have enough time

Our to-do lists are never ending when growing our business, but Instagram needs to be given priority over many, if not all the other social media platforms out there. Are your customers on Instagram? If so, then you need to be. 

Instagram is growing at a rapid rate because it’s so very effective in reaching your ideal customers quickly. Throw paid ads into the mix and your results are amplified.


I’m not creative so I’ll never succeed on Instagram

We all have a creative qualities within us, we just need to be given the tools and shown the way. There are many apps out there to help us produce more interesting work. Being brave and just giving it a go is a big part of finding what works for you and your audience on Instagram. Instagram is your chance to stand out and make a difference however that may look.


I feel like I’ve missed the boat with Instagram, I’ve yet to get started.

These 6 modules will give you step-by-step guidance whether you are starting from zero or have substantially more followers already. The course will set-up you up for success from tried and tested tactics that work right now on Instagram. This course give you the support you need to grow your Instagram and reach your target audience.


I’m a service based business, is this for me?

Yes, this course is for those wishing to grow their service based businesses as well as product based to generate more sales. Strategies will be revealed in how to find, engage and draw your potential clients towards your business.


​How much time should I set aside for this course?

Approx. 1 hour to work through the course material per week plus time to implement. You have lifetime access so if life does get in the way you as much time as you need to complete the modules. The Facebook community group purely for course members will be there throughout the 6 weeks to provide knowledge and support. The weekly Q&A’s can be watched live or you can watch on catch-up at a time to suit you.

Instagram with Impact is for you if:

?You’re struggling to fit time in your day to run your Instagram platform.

?Don’t know where to begin with starting an account.

?If you’ve set-up your Instagram account but feel lost about what to post consistently.

?You’re not getting the results you desire whether that’s followers, engagement traffic and/or sales.  

?If you don’t know how to be creative on your feed or in your stories.

?You feel excited about being part of a community to encourage and guide you to Instagram success.

?You are aware of the potential growth many have with using Instagram for their business and knowing the same strategise to grow too. 

?You want to make more sales and increase profit by knowing how to approach others on Instagram and generate interest in what you have to offer.

?You care about knowing the latest developments on Instagram.

?You can invest a couple of hours per week as long as you know it’s using time efficiently to build your brand on Instagram


Let this course to help you leverage the opportunities Instagram has to offer quickly and with results.

Yes, please enrol me now!

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