5 benefits of working with an Instagram & Facebook Ads Strategist

Although it’s free to use and easy to set up a business page, Facebook is a hard place to get your business noticed these days. It can be a lot of work to achieve that kind of organic growth that used to be a given and is so effective in promoting small businesses.

These days it should be treated as a low-cost ad platform and so splashing a little cash to get your products in front of interested people is not just a good idea, it’s vital to growing your business.

Chances are Facebook has already tried to tempt you into boosting posts, suggesting that others have successfully done the same. Maybe you’ve even done a few yourself. I’ll almost guarantee that it hasn’t been particularly effective though. It won’t be without a decent strategy and knowing all the ways to get your business noticed – which is where the help of an Instagram & Facebook Ad Strategist like me comes in.


Image of Facebook Ads Management reason 1We can keep your costs in check

If you have the budget for an ad expert, you can actually end up saving yourself money. You won’t be throwing unnecessary cash at ineffective ads or boosted posts. There are no large overheads and, with effective Facebook advertising generating sales and warm leads, you should soon see a return on your investment in some expert knowledge.




Facebook Ads Management reason 2 ImageWe’ll free up your precious time

There’s lots of free info on how to run Facebook & IG ads, but be honest­ – how much time do you really have to spend on this? If you do have the hours to up-skill yourself then get stuck in! But if you’re one of the small business owners who needs to be a maker, producer, supplier, packer, distributer, promoter, administrator and so much more, wouldn’t it be nice to just hand over at least one job to someone else? Plus you’ll get peace of mind knowing this area of your marketing is in safe hands.



Facebook & Instagram Ads Management 3 imageWe will nail your strategy

To run really effective ads and get your money’s worth, having a clear strategy is non-negotiable. Again, this comes down to time as well as expertise. I have the time to give your account the personal attention it needs. I only take on a few clients at a time so I can focus on getting the best results for everyone. Ad strategists like me have a vested interest in making ads do well. Your success is integral to my success, so I want every ad I create to be the best. With a strategy, I’ll be looking at things like when the ads go live, thinking about who to target and retarget. I’ll build audiences for you and whip up creatives and creative copy that works with your business.


Facebook & Instagram Ads Management reason 4 ImageWe can see the bigger picture

I use the test, measure and refine method, which helps me achieve the best results. I look at the metrics daily and report back what changes I’m making and what’s working or not working. I monitor results, compare, strategise, create, think about copy, optimise and test. In fact, I continually test and will not sit back and watch the frequency levels of your ads rise to annoying levels for those who see them. Putting the same ad in front of the same people over and over again isn’t proactive marketing and doesn’t position your company in the best light on social. I will also switch off ads that don’t work well so that your money is spent only on the ones most likely to get results.


Facebook & Instagram Ads management Reason 5 ImageWe can tell what really works

I pride myself on being open and honest about the results my ads get. I don’t hide behind stats and only show you those that make the work I do look good. I genuinely want the businesses to succeed and being open about what works – and more importantly, what doesn’t work – is the only way to go. I am fully trained and experienced in working with a range of small businesses. Plus I can create a huge variety of content for you.



Sounds good? But before you hire a strategist, it’s important to think about what you want from the relationship. You’ll work closely together at times so it’s important to get someone who’s a good fit for your business. I’m always open to answering questions and I’d encourage you to ask things like

  • How much experience do you have?
  • Do you have experience in my business niche?
  • Do you have testimonials from past clients?
  • Can I see some case studies?
  • Where did you train in ad strategy
  • How do you charge?
  • What’s included in your fee?
  • Do you have minimum ad spend requirements?

Also, I am always happy to run through any other queries you might have. Send me an email fayemorgan@365daysocial.com if you have any questions. Or book a call with me via this >>>link here <<<

Faye x

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