I was very fortunate to be asked to guest on the illustrious @GoWithThePro tweet chat to impart my knowledge on using Instagram for business. The Tweet chats happen every Thursday night from 8pm and it’s a brilliant community who gather to chat about the latest and greatest in growing your business and marketing.  It was very busy but so much fun to do, taking me right out of my comfort zone.

I’ve been a member of Go With The Pro since September last year and can hand on my heart say the membership they have created is the most supportive and encouraging group. Full of all the latest knowledge on building and marketing your business in the most time efficient way. Set up by 5 women who I call my guardian angels! All the membership details are here.

GWTP also kindly wrote up all my answers from the tweet chat and turned it into a blog, and they’re happy for me to share with you all below…



We’re so proud to have our very own GoWithThePro member Faye Morgan as our most recent Twitter chat guest.

Faye Morgan founded 365DaySocial, which provides businesses with targeted Facebook & Instagram ad strategies, runs ads and creates original video, photography and graphics.

Her background is in film post-production (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rogue One, Paddington, The Danish Girl) supervising digital workflows through camera dailies, grading, editing, sound editing, sound mixing, music, VFX and delivery of assets to studios, broadcasters and independent film companies.

Faye gave some fantastic advice on getting our Instagram accounts rocketing! Here it is in her own words.

Q1. Why is it important as a social media manager to have a tip top presence on Instagram?

1 billion people use Instagram and it’s the fastest growing platform of them all.

72% of teens use Instagram (and they’re only going to get older right?!)

It’s an amazing platform for engagement and for interacting with your customers/clients and potential customers

If your potential clients are on Instagram then you need to show that you know how to run Instagram for yourself like a pro. Don’t go in half hearted. It takes time to build a successful account, but it’s a very rewarding platform.

Specifically this means:

  • Clear and concise bio
  • Your profile photo needs to be consistent with your brand and other channels
  • Experiment with all the features on offer
  • Engage, engage, engage

Q2. What are your tips for consistently creating content that clearly communicates what we offer, is sharable and visually appealing?

Try and plan ahead a week in advance with visuals and copy.

Be brave with your visuals. Aom a billion users you need to stand out!

Make sure photos are in focus and have a consistent look (use filters).

Use a grid pattern like I have here.

It doesn’t need to be as complicated, try pastels, bright colours or black and white. Alternate dark/light photos or alternate text/photo.

Use a tool to show you how your grid will look before you post – this for me is essential.

Q3. What are your favourite tools?

I use Planoly to check how my grid will look before I post. It has the added benefit of grouping your hashtags for quick and easy use.

@VSCO for using filters I’ve saved – many influencers use this to keep the look consistent over their grid.

@UnfoldHQ is my app of choice for Insta Stories or I create my own with @Adobe & also @IMGplay for creating GIFS

Q4. What behind the scenes content could you share as a solopreneur/freelancer to better connect with your audience?

Your typical working day. You may think it’s boring, but your audience won’t. We want to know the person behind the business. Post these into your stories and then save as a highlight. Highlights have prime space on your profile. Use them wisely.

Be generous in your tips to help others. Share your knowledge in your area of expertise. Instagrammers love to know how to do something better or quicker or more creatively.

Be yourself. Don’t try to pretend just because you think others are. It’s exhausting and will come across as unnatural.

Q5. What are your tips for successful Instagram Stories?

Use them! Not just the odd 1 story a week. Try 3 to 5 stories a couple of times a week. Using a mixture of behind the scenes, tips and showing your personality.

Use hashtags, 2 to 3 per story if you have time to add them. They may get picked up on that hashtag story and your story will then be seen by a whole new audience. This can be very effective.

Test out the features to generate more engagement such as polls and the ‘ask me a question’ feature. And get playful with the GIFs if it’s appropriate to your brand. I know how much the squad love a GIF!

Q6. How can we use Instagram ads to grow brand awareness?

Use the in app ads feature if you’ve not run ads before (it’s the blue promote button under a post). Test the auto option (the top 1% lookalike of current followers). Run it for 3 days. Test the same post with an interest based audience you’ve created and see which does better.

You’ll find basic performance metrics from the app. Much more detail will be seen in Ads Manager, such as cost per click and relevancy (how relevant your copy and creative is to the audience). These are important stats to consider to leverage the use of ads.

It’s very worthwhile getting familiar with Ads Manager to run your ads. From here you can choose the right campaign objective, split test, research and create more detailed targeted audiences.

A big bug bear of mine is using the same creatives for Instagram feed and Stories. Stories ought to be optimised for vertical. The big brands even make this mistake. Stories could be a massive opportunity for ads and your business.

Read my new blog about why you should be running ads in 2019. Don’t leave it too late before costs rise further, which it will.

Q7. What are your favourite tips for finding clients when we’re starting out?

Believe in your abilities is number 1. If you don’t then others won’t. Firm up your job title and put it everywhere and tell everyone. Be loud and proud about it. The more you say it, the more confident you’ll be.

Create 3 avatars of your ideal client or customer. I visualise who they are and relate them to someone I know. Think about the platforms they will be on and if it’s Insta then try some of the tips mentioned tonight to help generate more clients.

If you’re struggling with Instagram or social ads then get in touch with me. Always happy to help! My insta is https://www.instagram.com/365daysocial Come over and say hi and message me any questions.

What’s next?

Join #GoWithThePro – it’s one of the best things I did last year for their support, motivation, confidence building and amazing training in digital marketing. Plus they give you opportunities like being a guest on this tweet chat!

Why not come and join us in the GoWithThePro Facebook Group and meet more inspirational and knowledgeable people like Faye.

Here is what Faye said when we asked her how the Go With The Pro membership has supported her:

“The GWTP membership is the most supportive, encouraging group full of all the latest knowledge on building and marketing your business in the most time efficient way.

The individual support from each of the co-founders surpasses anything I’ve seen in membership groups or any groups online for that matter.

Their tweetchats are jam-packed full of the most amazing knowledge to skyrocket your business with some inspiring guests.

Now they’ve asked me to be a guest with their amazing support. It’s massively boosted my confidence and my marketing knowledge.”