January 2019 Instagram hashtags are here! Let’s start the year off with some inspiration.

If you haven’t changed your hashtags in a while then now is the time to do so. For those of you wondering what on earth’s so special about these hashtags above, I’ll tell you: I’ve searched high and low for some interesting and hopefully useful hashtags for you to use.

Some hashtags are more popular than others, meaning it’s harder for your posts to be noticed. If you use the least popular ones towards the bottom of the list then your post will be higher up for longer on the page for that particular hashtag, but not as many people may know about that hashtag.
UNLESS the ones towards the bottom are growing in popularity quicker than others. Which I predict will be the case with #WHPResolutions so get using that one now! WHP hashtags are Instagrams own challenge hashtags. Use them, and you never know, Instagram may pick up on your post and re-gram to the whole Insta World!

Check our my December & November 2018 hashtags. Many will still be valid and it’s enjoyable and inspirational to scroll through the feeds.