Here are my Instagram hashtag ideas for the month of March!

Not only should these monthly hashtag lists be used to help you get noticed by new people on Insta, but you can use them to find inspiration for yourself and for your work too.

Even if they’re unsuitable for your business, you can easily get lost in some of the beautiful galleries and find new accounts to follow. Which is exactly why you should use them – so that people can find your account to follow.

Remember, the more hashtags you use, the more hashtag galleries your post will appear in (Instagram let us use up to 30). Hide them in comments or use a big space like I do on my Instagram account to separate your comment from the hashtags to keep it looking neat and tidy. 

I prefer this way as it saves a small amount of time in copy and pasting hashtags into a comment. Plus when you are using very popular hashtags those few seconds could really count if you want your post to feature high up on the gallery.

Many of my hashtag suggestions from previous months are still relevant to use. Check them out here:

February 2019

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