If you’ve decided Instagram is one platform you need to be on then you need to plan how your grid will look. Here are some examples to make your overall feed look more coherent:

Squares – keeping it simple still means you need to keep it consistent. You can use the preset filters on Instagram but it’s far better to use apps such as VSCO or ColorStory to create a look for your feed. You can choose pastels, whites or bright colours for example like @cestmaria @prettiestpastels @rclayton.








Vertical or Horizontal lines – utilising statements or sayings on cards like @personaljournalapp & @mysimplegram.










Checkerboard – perhaps still using quotes or statements but with the patterns forming diagonally across the grid such as @cerebralmist









Puzzle feeds –  the most time consuming of all, so I thought I’d give it a try for @365daysocial. Here are some examples of others by @anderson._paak & @aldiUK. I’ve added mine too. 









Whatever you decide, use an app such as Planoly so that you can see your post in advance and play around with the tiles so that you get the look you desire.


If this has inspired you, post your Instagram name in the comments below and I’ll give you a follow.