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If you’re still feeling a bit WTF about WFH, I thought you might appreciate some insight into the tools that I use. You won’t need them all, I’m sure, but hopefully a little rundown will help you as you move towards remote working.

Zoom – I bet shares in this video conferencing platform are through the roof. It seems to be everyone’s preferred option for everything from group socialising to team meetings  – and for good reason. I use it on a weekly basis and it’s my go-to video conferencing platform.

It’s easy to use, rarely glitchy, you can have lots of people on the same meeting (up to 100 for 40 mins in the free version), you can record your calls for future reference and there are various paid-for versions if you want to go pro. 

Slack for productivitySlack – a great way for teams to keep in touch. Whether it’s a few remote workers or huge teams of people, Slack is a truly comprehensive tool that can effectively replace text, email and messaging for your team, keeping everything together. It can be used on phones and computers. And unlike Whatsapp where you might end up with 37 notifications of irrelevant messages, Slack can be organised into different channels adding only the relevant people to each. This helps cut down the noise if there are lots of you using it. It’s also useful for you to search for topics, @mention teammates and use it get people’s attention quickly for queries and decisions

Google Drive – Do I need to say much about this? It’s the obvious place to store documents, but I also find it super useful if you need a shared space that colleagues and clients can easily access.

ClickUp – With a tagline of ‘the one app to replace them all’ it’s fair to say there are lots of things you can do with ClickUp. Described to me as though Trello and Asana had a baby, this one is very new for me, but I use it as a free productivity tool. I’m doing various things with is so far: using it as a CRM to keep track of leads, for workflows for tasks and as a place to keep all my rambling ideas in one place so I can come back and action them later. Whether that’s blog inspiration, podcast thoughts (more on that later) or ideas for courses, it’s proving handy so far.

Brain FMBrain.fm – It’s a science-based approach that uses functional music to improve your focus. If you want some sounds to keep you upbeat but find traditional music too distracting, this is worth a look. The ambient noise can be weird but I like it! They offer 5 free sessions so you can roadtest it with no obligation


Meditation apps – I haven’t settled on a good free one yet but for not much money there’s no shortage of options to choose from. It might be worth thinking about your goals. Do you need to learn to meditate? Do super-short bursts? Is it mindfulness you want? Most have free trials so try out a few until you find the one that unlocks your zen. Ten percent, Calm, Headspace and Simple Habits are some of the most well-known, but there are 100s of others.

Sleep cycle – This is amazing! It uses a 30 minute wake-up phase that’s basically a gentle wakening alarm for when I’m in my lightest sleep. It really helps that wake-up not to feel like a complete shock and I feel more ready for the day than I ever have.

Stand Up! – I probably don’t need to tell you about the millions of fitness apps and yoga YouTube channels out there. You’re either using your preferred ones already, getting your workout with the kids doing Joe Wicks’ PE, or you know that you can find whatever you want from HIIT to Pilates at the click of a button. Forget fitness, think about breaks instead.

I like StandUp! for its simplicity: regular prompts to stand up more. We could all do with it while working from home (or bingeing on Netflix, no judgement) as our bodies need a regular stretch. It could be a good reminder to hang out the window/head to the garden/step onto the balcony for some much-needed fresh air, too.

Set app limits – The other key to staying healthy when WFH is about putting some screen-time boundaries in place. I mean for you, not your children FYI. Protect your mental health, your eyesight and your productivity if you find it hard to stop the scroll or lose half a day to whatever the 2020 equivalent to Angry Birds is. There are plenty of native or third-party apps to help.


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