Content marketing is essential for businesses right now;  that’s blogs, podcasts, videos, live videos, the list goes on. But making the content creation process as efficient as possible is a skill. It’s knowing where to begin, what the possibilities are and how you can repurpose content.

In episode 9 of my podcast, Amy Woods from Content 10X chatted to me about how she started her business and shared her top strategies for repurposing content, so you can gets results in less time.

How did you get started in content repurposing – and how did you even know that was, or could be, a thing?!

After I’d finished university and travelled a bit, I started work as a management consultant on a grad scheme. I was planning on doing it for a couple of years, then I was going to set up my own business.

But two years became five and eventually 13 years as a management consultant, working in mergers and acquisitions and big transformational change programs with Fortune 500 companies. But it was never a long-term career for me.


I guess two things happened. I became a parent and it was a career that required constant travel. It was very normal to be expected to leave on a Monday morning and get home on a Friday night and do that every week for years on end.


You can’t really do that when you’re a parent and also I had some health issues as well, which never happened before. I don’t think I had a day off work in, like, a decade but I became poorly and had to have multiple operations. I was off work for over a year on and off and during that time I made the decision to get off the hamster wheel. It was an opportunity for change.


At that time I was immersing myself in this world of online business, because that was what was really attracted to. I discovered all the typical people you’d find when you looking up online business, like Amy Porterfield and Pat Flynn and Gary Vaynerchuk and all of those kinds of people. Which was great and opened my eyes up to this this whole world and then initially I started a business that was very much still akin to business consultancy helping smaller businesses.


So how did you go from consultancy to content repurposing?

I assembled a little team to help me with the consultancy: a graphic designer and a copywriter, that kind of thing. And I guess I just had this Eureka! moment where I realised that content repurposing is something that people should do, but that it’s really not easy to do alone.


There are loads of different skills involved and you have to assemble a team and then managing that team and everything like that is very time consuming. I figured people would pay for a service where they just created one piece of content and then we put somebody else who is kind of ship it off and then it gets repurposed into quality content.


I got my first client in May 2017, so I’m three years in and it’s just grown and grown. I set up the systems and bit by bit grew the team as the clients came.


I’d never heard of this kind of business. Were many other people doing it?

I do feel like I was a bit of a pioneer. I could see an opportunity out there.

It’s something that business owners struggle with, being able to create content again and again and again. But what a lot of them don’t realise is that it’s not always about creating new content all the time but being able to repurpose

I wonder if you can talk about how repurposing helps with being more visible online

First, I think it’s really important to create content. It’s all about knowing who you’re talking to and providing the content that they would want. Maybe answering the questions that they may, or having a message. When we talk about content I think what we’re really talking about is communicating a message to an audience.


“When you repurpose your content, you are going to reach even more people because you’re going to be putting your content into more places. You’re going to connect with more people too.”


To repurpose your content effectively it’s about changing the format as well. If you have an all-in video strategy, let’s say, then to repurpose your videos into firstly a blog post and secondly, if there’s an opportunity, a podcast episode too. If you take the audio from it just that activity alone you’re going to be attracting and connecting with people who love to watch video AND those who like to listen or read.


For example, some people may go to Apple podcast and Spotify, but they don’t go to YouTube unless they want to learn something. So that’s a new potential audience and new way of connecting people. And if you turned your podcast into a blog post, while not only connecting with the people who prefer to read but also you’ll attract Google SEO and are going to get found well by the search engine as well.

What about social media content?

Sure, I’ve just been talking about long form content. Then additionally you need to think about breaking it down into shorter and bite-sized content for the social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.

The beauty of it is that you are going to reach more people in all those different places, but you aren’t on the hamster wheel of thinking of new ideas and new messages and new things to communicate.

“If you put all your thought and attention and research into that first piece of content, then you’ve already nailed the message. That hard work is done. You’ve communicated what you want to communicate.”

It’s far easier to work out how to communicate in just a slightly different way for a different audience than it is to just turn up on those platforms and think, ‘What am I going to do on Instagram today?’ or ‘What am I going to do on Twitter today?’ or ‘What should I write my next blog post on?’

Leverage what you have and get that message out there and in all of the different places in a much more streamlined and time-efficient way.

Listen to Episode 9 of Create and Automate to find out more tips on how to make your content work harder with less time and effort from you. Plus Amy has all the inside info on how this helps your wider business, including the benefits of having more time to nurture leads and make more money. Find it HERE