How to get the swipe up feature on Instagram Stories with less than 10k followers

There is now a way for EVERYONE to get the swipe up feature on Instagram Stories to send your audience to a webpage of your choice. Whether it’s a blog, sales page, freebie or newsletter, getting your audience to swipe up to a specific URL has many benefits for a business. This feature has only been available to those with 10,000 or more followers, until now…

Instagram Stories has been the success story of social since the feature was released in August 2016. The number of Instagram Stories users as of January 2019 is 500 million per day.


How many people use Instagram Stories January 2019 Graph

No. of daily Instagram Stories users from Oct 2016 to Jan 2019 in millions

Compare this to other similar platforms and Insta Stories really do lead the way.

Graph showing How Many people use Instagram Stories?

Daily Users January 2019

Ok, so we know Stories are hot right now, what you are really here for is how to get the feature to swipe up with less than 10k followers. The way to do this direct from your Stories was released with little fanfare only a few weeks ago.

You don’t even need to get your head around Ads Manager to do it, simply promote a story within the Instagram App.

Here’s how:

1. It sounds obvious but plan your post that you are wanting to promote. Think about the length (can be up to 15 seconds). Will it be a still image, video, slideshow?

2. What text will there be and what font? It’s very important to think about the call to action (CTA). We’re asking the viewer to swipe up instead of swiping to the next story. Your ad really needs to stop them in their tracks and encourage people to swipe up.

Here are a couple of great examples highlighting the CTA to swipe up:

Good Insta Stories Ads Sheer Luxe Image

Great Instagram Stories Ad Image


















3. Make sure it’s a high-res image. Insta won’t allow you to promote any sub-standard quality.

4. Don’t use hashtags or @mention. I tried this but Insta wouldn’t let me promote.

5. Don’t use the in-app filters. Again I tried this but Insta wouldn’t allow me to continue.

Here’s how you promote:

1. Click the 3 dots bottom right just above ‘More’.


2. Select ‘Promote’.


3. Press ‘Continue’ when prompted to use Facebook to sign in. Then click ‘Grant Access’.

4. Select where to send people. There are 3 options: Send to your profile, website or direct message.

How to promote using Instagram Stories Image

5. If you choose your website, you can add a specific URL and CTA button. The CTA button choices here are: Learn More, Shop Now, Watch More, Contact Us, Book Now and Sign Up.

6. Decide on your audience. If you have followers who you’d like to attract more of, then choose ‘Automatic’ – this targets people similar to your followers. A very good reason why not to EVER buy your followers! There’s also the option to create your own audience – these audiences can be more beneficial to build in Ads Manager as you can be more targeted and also create exclusions.

{Get in touch here if you’d like any training in how to build your audiences within ads manager}


7. Press ‘Done’.

8. Select your daily budget and duration.

9. Press ‘Next’ and confirm your payment option and press ‘Create Promotion’.

10. Wait for your ad to be reviewed and you’ll receive notification that your ad is running. This could take up to an hour, possibly longer.

11. After 3 days, check your results (it may take the algorithm up to 3 days to settle and find the people most likely to take your desired action).

12. Click view insights to check your results. Your metrics can be seen in greater detail via Ads Manager. Get in touch with me to learn more about how to read your results.

That is how you get the swipe up feature to encourage your audience to click through to your website when you have less than 10k followers.

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