Alexis @anotherdayanothercity

“My one on one session with Faye covering Facebook ads was amazing!  I learned so many things that I had no idea existed on Ads.  In the beginning of the session Faye asked me what was most important for me and she made sure we covered everything that I wanted...

Ina @StyleTurbine

“Faye helped me get more out of my Facebook and Instagram ads, understanding how to reach a targeted audience and I saw results straight away. Very friendly and efficient hour which helped set me up for more successful future advertising.”

Abbots Care & Training

“We worked with Faye on a specific campaign for one of our clients in order to have a specialist who could do some real in-depth “test and measure” work on their ad campaign. Faye was exceptionally thorough and detailed in the work she did for us, and really ensured...

Juliet Munro

“Faye was very patient in explaining how Facebook advertising works and the different terms used, so I understood the aims and results of the various ads. She had great ideas for the visuals for the ads, and they looked lovely.”

Giggy & Bab

“Faye worked tirelessly to test and tweak the different ads to find which had the best response and to find the right target audience for my retro-style step stools. The ads massively increased traffic to my website, and interest and engagement with my product....