How do you automate tasks to scale your business? Right now using automation that’s on a lot of people’s minds as many business owners are feeling overwhelmed and not necessarily just by work. We’re easing out of lockdown but there are still many plates to juggle as most kids aren’t yet back to school. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner looking to scale, getting the right systems in place can be a massive help in keeping you organised, efficient and saving you time (and headspace) in the long run.  Who would I go to, to help me refine my systems and ensure I’m using the best tools the right way? 

The Systems Alchemist, Jodie Hayward, that’s who.

Jodie helps business owners to build systems to build a business – it’s her self-confessed zone of genius. When I spoke to her for my podcast she gave me some great tips on what to focus on first, finding the best tools for the job and why automation is so important in growing a business. Here are a few choice quotes from her. To hear more, listen to the podcast here.

“My brain has always worked so differently. If you imagine a mind map, I’m looking from it on top and I see where all the connections are and where things are not connected. That’s kind of how my brain sees everything. Even as a child I always asked ‘Why?’ I always want to know how things work and whether there is a better way to them” 

“I think it’s important to know that you’re not doing anything wrong if you can’t see the connections like that. It’s just not your genius zone. And I’m a firm believer that everyone should be working in their genius zone – that’s where work doesn’t feel like work.”

“Automation is where everyone needs to start. Automate everything you can!”

“There are so many things that people are still doing that they need not do. Businesses come to me when they’ve got to a point of scaling and they can’t scale anymore because they don’t have the systems. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are in the place where you do need to do everything, the best time that you can spend is looking into what you can automate going forward.”

“Take those little mundane tasks that you find yourself constantly doing over and over and over. You know, those are the things where you need to ask yourself, why am I having to do this? There must be a better way.”

“I always recommend that people create spaces. Have a finance space, an HR space, maybe a client space and then your CPD as well. So having that organisation in your labels in your email and then again reflected in any project management tool and also in the storage. Where you store your documents is a good way to start having that organisation and then you can say, ‘Actually I’m always doing this and putting this label in here and then transferring it into another place….Let’s jump into Zapier and see whether I can do that automatically”


“I think to be more efficient in a business a project management tool is really a must.”

“You know it’s like a central hub. I would consider three core elements of your business project management at a storage like GSuite with the email on and also the CRM. They’re the core systems that you have in place.”

To hear Jodie talk more about:

–   Why an email list is so important

–   How to segment your list to make more sales

–   What tools you need for your business and how to choose the right ones

–   The difference between productivity and efficiency

–   Integrating all your tools

–   How she organises her working day

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